How it works

1 Buy = 1 Donation


Nowadays, when we look for an affordable customised T-shirt, we can chose from among a number of Internet sites that are not really distinct from one another. For the purchase to be a little more than a mere commercial act, Tshirt Planet has introduced the principle 1 buy = 1 donation
Concretely, for each item sold on our platform, we transfer 4 euros to a charity association. Grace to our site, the amateurs of original T-shirts can offer themselves a pleasure and do a good deed at the same time!
If you search for an original customised pullover, all you have to do is consult the models that we have selected in order to make your choice easier. Once your purchase done, we shall transfer  4 euros to a charity association. In order to support different causes, Tshirt Planet has decided to implement actions limited in time: an association is aided for two weeks, and then it is replaced by another association.


Love  =  Share


As charity is a universal value,  Tshirt Planet has decided to promote it on its Internet site by highlighting different charity organisations. By  transferring 4 euros per purchase to an association,  Tshirt Planet significantly contributes to the charity works operated by these different organisms. There are in fact numerous associations accepting donations in order to complete their missions: food aid, school support, environment protection, assistance to the sick etc. These different missions are essential and that is why we desire to bring our contribution and support to charity associations. Grace to Tshirt Planet, you can combine the useful with the pleasant, by allowing you to find numerous customised pieces of clothing  at your choice! You will have for instance the possibility  to make a flocking tee shirt in your name, being aware that your purchase will allow supporting a good cause.